Hleðslutæki fyrir 18650 16340 14500 10440 Li-ion

Verð : 990 kr

Vörunúmer : 280229

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Hleðslutæki fyrir Li-ion hleðslurafhlöður sem almennt eru 3,6 eða 3,7 volt svo sem er ein eða tvær í einu 18650, 18670, 18500, 14500, 16340, 10440, 123A lithium-ion hleðslurafhlöður
Fyrir 100 til 240 volt. 450 mAh. Euro tengi beint í tengil

The charger with protection, anti-reflux, intelligent stopped, stable and secure.
Automatic identification and conversion, can be of various nominal various lithium-ion rechargeable battery charge 3.6-4.2V, automatic stop charging.
Charging red light, full of turns green. Transferred to trickle up, long-term backup plug.
Suitable for 18650, 18670, 18500, 14500, 16340, 10440, 123A lithium-ion rechargeable battery.
The product is also suitable for mechanical opium, flashlight.
The charger supports Ni-MH,Lithium,Ni-Cd and some other types of batteries which are 71mm long by 19mm high and it can automatically select corresponding changing mode.

Material: PVC Plastic
Weight: Approx. 63g
Color: Black
Input: AC100-240V (47-63HZ)
Output: Li-ion: 4.2V / 600mA ; Ni-MH: 1.2V / 700mA ; USB: 5V / 500mA